Fresh Scarfs

Bamboo Esarp in night blue / GECE MAVISI by Fresh Scarfs


The bamboo Esarp in night blue is a lush headscarf that feels as soft as silk, but is light as a spring! Its antibacterial bamboo fabric feels refreshing and exotic in summer - perfect to create a unique look. Plus, it is 100x100 cm in size and consists of 20% bamboo and 80% polyester, which offers even more comfort. Stylish and protective!


  • antibacterial
  • bamboo 
  • very soft material
  • Seidentouch
  • light material 
  • feels very refreshing in summer
  • Size 100x100 cm
  • Composition: 20% bamboo, 80% polyester
  • Color: night blue / GECE MAVISI 

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